Report: T.O. demands public apology

In the latest twist to the Terrell Owens drama,
reports that the receiver is demanding a public apology by Allen Wranglers owner
Jon Frankel as well as payment for games played for which he has not yet been
paid, citing a source close to the star.

The source told TMZ that Owens, who was released by the Indoor Football League
franchise on Tuesday, is owed four game checks worth $160,000.  The source
also told TMZ that Owens claims he is also owed 50 percent of all revenue off
of concessions, merchandise and tickets from during his tenure.

TMZ earlier reported that Owens is considering a lawsuit against the Wranglers
because of information that was included in a press release announcing his

“The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for Mr. Owens was his
no-show to a scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital with other
Wrangler players and coaches,” Frankel said in the statement.

When specifically asked for his side of the story, Owens responded: “That
don’t work no more.”

According to TMZ, an unnamed Wranglers coach said Owens was released because
the team was going broke, not because he missed a recent team trip to a
children’s hospital.

The coach added that Owens played in three games after the hospital visit in
early May.

Owens, 38, played for the Cowboys from 2006-08, catching 38 touchdowns in 47
games. The six-time Pro Bowler signed with the Wranglers in January and became
a part owner with hopes of getting another opportunity to play in the NFL.