Marshall, in wrong place at wrong time, gets taped

Diamondbacks reliever Evan Marshall is wrapped in training tape by Addison Reed before Friday's game.

Jake Roth

SAN DIEGO — What good is a rookie if you cannot have a little fun with him?

Make him carry a pink backpack to the bullpen. 

"Let" him buy the doughnuts.

Tape him up.

That rookie was right-hander Evan Marshall on Friday. Marshall found himself semi-mummified in the dugout as the Diamondbacks prepared to take the field for batting practice at Petco Park.

Let Diamondbacks closer Addison Reed take it from there:

"Walking out to the dugout, I saw a roll of tape on the ground. He was the first person I saw, so I just started unraveling the tape and taping him until there was no more tape," Reed said.

"And he went with it. It was easy. There was nothing behind it. I wish there was a cool story to go with that, but there really isn’t. If it was somebody else, I would have done it to him."

The Diamondbacks’ Evan Marshall laughs after Addison Reed wrapped him in training tape Friday.

It didn’t hurt Reed — he pitched a 1-2-3 ninth inning for his 18th save in a 2-1 victory.

And the victim?

"Wrong place, wrong time," Marshall said.

Marshall tried to pop the tape off himself, pulling a Red in Pineapple Express.

"I thought I’d just flex and bust right out of that thing," Marshall said.

Not so fast.

"All I did was pull some hair out of my arm," Marshall said.

Marshall made the best of it.

"There was no harm or anything, just some tape. Kinda funny," Marshall said.

"It’s one of those things you just have to wear."

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