Hopeful signs remain amid Cards’ lost season

TEMPE, Ariz. – Coach Ken Whisenhunt put it best at his Monday press conference following the Cardinals’ 38-10 win over the Lions on Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium.

“I thought our players really laid it on the line yesterday,” he said, noting how much it says about a team “when young guys and veteran guys in the midst of something that is very tough stick together.”

It was tough to find positives during the Cardinals’ nine-game losing streak. The design of the NFL season — with just one game per week — makes those losses linger and fester. But it was clear on Sunday, despite media and public chatter to the contrary, that the Cardinals have not quit. The defense was back to being one the league’s elite. The much-maligned offensive line did a better job in protection, albeit with help on the edges. Running back Beanie Wells ran hard, if not often.  And the quarterback …
Ah, never mind on that last one. The point here is that it was clear that there are still hopeful signs buried in the rubble of this third straight non-playoff season. Signs that weren’t already apparent at the start of the season.

Here’s a look at five of them — one for each of the Cards’ wins (click here or on the photo to continue reading).

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