Cuban: Mavs’ struggles are “like a company going out of business”

It’s no secret, the Dallas Mavericks’ struggles this season have been tough on Mark Cuban.

His Mavericks sit at 26-32, outside of the Western Conference playoff race.

It’s insult to the injury that was this past off-season, when his hopes of landing a big-time free agent like Deron Williams never came to fruition.

And, of course, this comes after blowing up the 2011 NBA champions in order to get Dallas in a salary cap position where the team can move forward after team icon Dirk Nowitzki steps away from the hardwood.

“It’s the most painful thing that I’ve been through,” Cuban said at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston this weekend, reports The New York Times. “It’s like having a company that’s going out of business.”

Not exactly a glowing endorsement for the rest of the season, but the Mavericks are still fighting.

The players have banded together. In a sign of unity, the players are growing beards until they reach .500, a task that is literally growing daily based on the beards the players sported Friday night in Brooklyn.

The Mavericks still have a shot to right the ship and make the playoffs for the 13th consecutive season.

But if they don’t, Cuban might find time to have another clearance sale before closing the doors to the business in hopes of shopping for another marquee free agent this summer.