Bauer tweets up storm with Obama criticism

PHOENIX – Righty Trevor Bauer is as insistent in his politics as he is in his pitching, and the Diamondbacks are not about to confuse the two.
Bauer sent out a series of tweets during the presidential debate Monday, starting a spirited Twitter debate with his initial remarks about President Barack Obama.
“Obama looked childish and petty tonight. I’m ashamed that he is commander in chief of this great nation,” Bauer said in the first tweet that appeared on his feed, @BauerOutage.
Bauer went on to tweet that he believed in Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s economic strategy, drawing both praise and criticism.
“My idea of social media is to be accessible to fans so they have a way of getting to know me, my likes, dislikes, opinions, Etc.,” Bauer tweeted.
“I simply shared my impression of this debate. Didn’t try to tell anyone they had to agree with me,” read another, after Bauer received some negative responses.
D-backs managing partner Ken Kendrick, who raised the question of Bauer’s maturity level in regards to understanding his role on the team late this season, said one has nothing to do with the other.
“My reaction is, in a way, it makes me feel good that a young person in sports does care about things that are not just sports,” Kendrick said.
“It’s not my place to comment on someone else’s political views. I think everybody should be entitled to their own political views. The fact that he has views and is willing to express them, I kind of find refreshing.”
Kendrick called Bauer “an interesting young man with a lot of individual traits.”
Regarding his comments at the end of the year, he added, “My comments about maturity were, when you work for a sports team … I think you have a serious responsibility to your management, your manager, your coaches and your teammates, to have a team attitude. That’s where I think the maturity comes. That’s what I was saying. I didn’t say it artfully.
“Having a view that is not about sports only, or opinions that are not about sports only, I think is generally a healthy thing for a young person,” Kendrick said.

Attempts to reach Bauer for comment were unsuccessful.

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