#CoachVino retiring keyboard during games

Coach Vino is retiring his keyboard…during playoff games, at least.

On Monday, after causing a national stir with his in-game tweeting during the Lakers’ series-opening loss against the Spurs, Kobe Bryant issued the following tweet:

It all started last night following the 91-79 loss, when Bryant acknowledged the attention his 140-character-or-less thoughts were receiving:

Kobe’s tweets were incorporated into highlights of the game shown on various sports shows, locally and nationally. The tweets, as seen below, ranged from game strategy to his fondness of competing against the Spurs’ Tim Duncan.

Following the game, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni was asked what he thought about Bryant’s tweets and said these days, with his injury, he was subjected to being a fan.

Kobe made light of the comments shortly after on Twitter:

With Monday’s developments, it appears neither Coach Vino or Fan Vino will be available for comment during Wednesday’s Game 2 in San Antonio.

Yep, like the former sitcom star and talk show host, he can’t do nothing!

Check out some of the tweets that caused a national buzz below: