Lakers rumors: How Los Angeles can acquire Nerlens Noel

The latest Lakers rumors look at a deal that would get the Lakers a better big man.

Whether or not the Lakers will actually push to make a deal at the trade deadline has been one of the biggest Lakers rumors.

As of late, none of that has changed, but there’s still time.

Looking at the way the team has performed this year, one of the clear issues is reliable big men.

Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr. can be great — but that’s the problem.

We’re stuck on what-if scenarios instead of watching them dominate like we say they can.

A few good games here and there won’t cut it in the long run. In order for Los Angeles to return to the playoffs and become a respected competitor again, filling the big man slot correctly isn’t optional.

The team attempted to right the ship there by signing Timofey Mozgov this last off-season. Thus far, it it safe to say that hasn’t exactly panned out.

Mozgov averages just 7.5 points and five rebounds per game right now.

The other potential issue Los Angeles has to consider is having an unreliable starting point guard.

Like the team’s big men, D’Angelo Russell has had flashes of great games and promising streaks — but that’s been sidelined by injury after injury and lack of leadership.

It’s presumed that by at least the end of this go-around that Russell will have to take charge.

Additionally, it’s something that Luke Walton, among others, have asked him to do already.

If he can’t step up to the plate, there’s a trade scenario where sending Russell and Mozgov to Philadelphia works out.

In return, the Lakers would get Nerlens Noel.

And finally have someone capable of dominating down low.

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