Scully’s latest on-air story: on Matt Williams’ mom & Charles Manson

Go on, Vin Scully (left), tell us about Williams' (right) mother.

The headline is intentionally a bit of a tease because according to a viewer who claims to have heard Vin Scully’s story live during the Dodgers-Nationals broadcast Monday night, that’s how it unfolded: with some eyebrow-raising uncertainty.

Take it away, Reddit user "Send_Beer":

Now, here’s the heart of the story (we’ll update with video if we can locate it) about Nationals manager Matt Williams’ mother, with reactions from other folks who heard it live:

The voice of the Dodgers for 66 seasons, baseball’s grandfather, a living legend, an inimitable storyteller who’s forgotten more stories than most people will ever experience, Scully always finds a way to richen the broadcast with random nuggets like this one about Williams.

[H/T ChrisLingebach/CBS]

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