Bill Belichick can and has smiled; Diana Morales is Fox-y

Despite what you may think, yes, Bill Belichick DOES smile. It’s not often, but it does happen. In a brilliant piece of research, the "Wall Street Journal" watched every Patriots postgame press conference and found out that Belichick smiled seven times this season.

Charles Barkley is a terrible beer pong player.

Controversial Knicks guard J.R. Smith once ordered $3,000 worth of room service as a joke.

Check out the Number 6 horse in the 10th race at the Meadowlands tomorrow.

Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Flea played a very riffy version of the national anthem at last night’s Arizona-UCLA game.

Ric Flair announced yesterday that he wouldn’t attend Saturday’s 49ers-Panthers game because he was getting death threats. However, that may not be the reason for his absence after all.

Some of those lines you recite are not what you think.

* Rockets mascot "Clutch the Bear" scared the hell out of several players on the team.

* Here are five things we want to see on the new WWE network.

* If you’re someone who likes to place a wager, you can watch the worst bad beats of the college football season.

Model Diana Morales gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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