Marquette mixes powder blue with camouflage

The long anticipated sneak peek at Marquette University’s special military-themed uniforms for the Carrier Classic finally came Tuesday.

The school released photos of the uniforms for Friday’s basketball game against Ohio State aboard the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC.

As anticipated, Marquette will wear a camouflage version of the Golden Eagles’ powder blue alternate uniforms. The camouflage uniforms made their debuts in the inaugural Carrier Classic last season, when Michigan State and North Carolina sported military-themed garb.

Six teams in addition to MU and OSU will wear camouflage uniforms over the weekend. Michigan State and Connecticut will play at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, Syracuse and San Diego State will meet on the USS Midway in San Diego, and Florida and Georgetown will be on the USS Bataan in Jacksonville, Fla.


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