Clippers CourtVision earns 2019 NBA Team Innovation Award

If you haven’t seen Clippers CourtVision, you’re missing out.

The alternate feeds, available for any game on the FOX Sports App … include Player, Coach and Mascot Modes … in addition to the traditional game feed on Prime Ticket.

On Tuesday, the Clippers received 2019 NBA Team Innovation Award for their work on CourtVision.

The Clippers were honored with the NBA Team Innovation Award, which recognizes a team that is shaping a culture of innovation.  This season, the team launched Clippers CourtVision, a digital experience available to Fox Sports Prime Ticket subscribers that puts fans in control of how they view Clippers’ games.  Envisioned by Clippers Chairman Steve Ballmer, Clippers CourtVision uses innovative technology by Second Spectrum to let fans customize their game viewing experience.

Check out our feature on CourtVision from an episode of ‘Clippers Weekly’ from this season up top of this post.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, the man behind CourtVision and one whose known to get a little fired up, is proud of the product.