Three Takeaways from the Blue Jackets 3-0 Shutout of Carolina

One: This was a good game, but not their best. At times, poor puck decisions led to turnovers. Carolina is a fast transitional team that you don’t want to give too many opportunities to. Fortunately, Sergei Bobrovsky was up to the task of defending their net. Their aggressive fore-check was back on full display.

Two: Sergei Bobrovsky made some absolutely brilliant, highlight-reel saves tonight. The stand-out save happened in the third period. He makes a glove save on a shot from the top of the circle and holds his glove aloft, the puck within, as if to say "Not tonight, boys". Outstanding goaltending and was reminiscent of last seasons’ form from the Vezina winner.

Three: The Atkinson-Dubinsky-Calvert line was positively en fuego tonight against the ‘Canes. They combined for 2-1-3 and were a +3 on the evening. They also had a combined 5 shots on goal as well as 5 hits. Although it was Calvert’s first game back from IR, he played well. This is a line that has shown good chemistry before and that showed tonight.