Wrestler Scott Hall Appreciates Pat McAfee’s Celebratory Swagger

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee continues to make headlines–and if you ask me, for all of the right reasons after his latest notable post-punt celebration.

Following a late first quarter 44-yard punt, where the Colts All-Pro punter fielded a low snap and somehow managed to masterfully punt a ball that was downed within the New York Jets own 3-yard line, McAfee once again busted out some moves:

Only this time, McAfee paid tribute to now semi-retired professional wrestling icon Scott Hall, who’s also widely known as ‘Razor Ramon’:

Hall appreciated the shoutout, thanking McAfee for the ‘love’:

I must say too, that McAfee’s rendition of the original wasn’t too shabby either all things considered:

Perhaps when McAfee’s football career is over, he and Oakland Raiders punter Marquette Kingalso known for his unique celebrations can start their own version of “The Outsiders”.

Specifically, along with wrestling giant Kevin Nash, Hall helped form one of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling history–back when things like the ‘NWO’ ruled the ’90’s and kids’ television sets.

As it stands, just chalk it up as another potential future professional endeavor for the Colts eccentric punter, who’s not only a great player, but also a great comedian and ‘dancer’ on the side.

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