Belichick calls Deflategate ‘ridiculous’, Hernandez case ‘a tragedy’

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not known as the most compelling interview out there, but once in a while he can say some pretty interesting stuff.

During a CNBC interview that is set to air Thursday, Belichick plays word-association, including taking questions about Deflategate and former tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of murder in 2015 and faces another double-murder trial in Boston that are currently in jury deliberations.

Here is the full exchange with CNBC's Suzy Welch:

Welch: I want to play a little word-association game. Okay?

Belichick: Okay.

SW: I'm going to say a word and I just want your immediate, snap reaction. Okay?

BB: Sure.

SW: Football.

BB: More sport than business. But it is a business. That I respect the game for the game and the sport.

SW: The media.

BB: It is how a team connects to its fans.

SW: Winning.

BB: The goal. There's no medals for trying. This isn't like eighth grade where everybody gets a trophy. We are in a professional sport, and it is competitive to win. That's what we do.

SW: Deflategate.

BB: Ridiculous.

SW: Aaron Hernandez.

BB: Tragedy.

SW: Heartbreaking.

BB: Yes. That would be another word.

SW: Next year.

BB: Is this year.

SW: Perfect day.

BB: Nantucket.

SW: Last one. Legacy.

BB: For another day.

SW: Don't think about it?

BB: No. Right now, 2017. Trying to have a good team this year. There will be another day to talk about it.

SW: Just another day at the office for you?

BB: No. I mean, look, I'm aware of it, but I can't sit and think about it. Look, this year is going to be part of it. So, try to have a good year this year and you know, we will figure out the rest of it later.

Scooby Axson

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