More Going On Off the Field Than On It

By Steve Lyons

March 6, 2010

Let the games begin….
The only compelling news in camp so far has happened, for the most part, OFF the field!!
Where to begin?  
– Jeff Weaver introduced the newest righty to the Dodgers as he and his wife (mostly her) delivered their new son, Drake.
–  There was a Ronald Belisario sighting. Just not in Glendale. I always find that you have fewer Visa problems if you just pay the bill.
–  Clayton Kershaw–sorry girls–got engaged in the off season.
–  Vicente Padilla has been lighting up the place…not necessarily with his fastball ,  but with his orange Lamborghini out in the players parking lot.
–  Russell Martin has put on A LOT of weight. And he says it’s a good thing. He knows his power numbers are down and was looking for a way to get a little more pop. Watch for the stolen base numbers to plummet, however.
– Casey Blake shaved his beard. I asked him what was wrong with the “old” Casey Blake and he told me he thought that guy was kind of a jerk…
–  Reed Johnson looks like Superman…He may be short, but he isn’t small.
–  There are two Ortiz’s in camp…neither of them Big Papi.
–  Russ Mitchell may be the future at 3rd base and he’s easy to find. He wears the number of a pulling guard in football, 72.
–  Justin Knoedler is in camp… He won’t make the team I just like saying Knoedler.
–  Angel Berroa is Back! Say what you want,  but he caught the ball at short when Raffy was gone. And he’s always smiling. What’s he hiding??
–  Oh… Manny. He’s here too, but silent as a mouse. He says go talk to the big stars like Kemp and Ethier. I tried for 4 straight days to get a 3 minute interview with him—even brought in our newest reporter Jocelyn Pierce for reinforcements. Jocelyn speaks Spanish, English and the language of “Oh my God is she good looking!” Manny shut her down,  too. Twice.
–  Andre Ethier sat down with us to do an “In My Own Words” interview. Look for it on Prime Ticket soon. He was worried about having to talk about himself for 20-30 minutes and was reluctant to do it at all. Once he sat down he couldn’t shut up!
– Big Johnathan Broxton and “Dewey” as Blake Dewitt is known, get the award so far for most boring guys ever. After workouts,  they go fishing in a lake with bobbers and hot dogs for bait. JB catches all the fish.
– Eric Gagne is back too. Great guy. Struggling to find the feel of that change up that produced 84 straight saves…he’s gonna need it if he wants to put on Dodger Blue again.
– Jaime Carroll looks 25 and acts 16…in a good way. He’s 36.
– James Loney is starting to loosen up! Never known for a lot of words, we saw him talking AND laughing.
But the big news, and what all the buzz is about is over Matt Kemp. Actually it’s about Rhianna.”We’re good friends” he says. Really?
Everybody wants to know when the first sighting of the Pop Diva will be. Hope it’s not til I get back there on the 8th of March. This “friendship” has put Kemp into an entirely different level of hype. Already an All-Star in waiting, his status has jumped off the sports pages and onto the gossip rags. He just completed a photo shoot for GQ and there’s no telling where the next big time request will come from. Here’s hoping the kid from Oklahoma can handle it all.