Lakers-Clippers headline NBA’s opening night

The NBA announced its 2013-14 schedule on Monday evening, a slate that features games in two countries outside of the U.S and Canada – in Mexico City and London – for the first time.

As always, the slate will be a busy one in Los Angeles, and the city’s two teams will face off on opening night, Oct. 29, at 7:30 p.m. at Staples Center.

The Clippers, who had a productive offseason after losing in the first round of last spring’s playoffs, have high hopes for their upcoming season in a still-strong Western Conference. Highlights of their schedule include:   

— Nov. 4 vs. Houston and Dwight Howard, which will be the big man’s first return to Staples Center since leaving the Lakers

— Nov. 7 @ Miami, the reigning champions

— Nov. 16 vs. Brooklyn, whose roster features coach Doc Rivers’ former Boston stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

— Nov. 18 vs. Memphis, who knocked the Clippers out of the 2013 playoffs

— Dec. 5 @ Memphis, the site of their playoff loss in April

— Dec. 11 at Boston, which will be Rivers’ first trip back since leaving

— Dec. 25 @ Golden State

— Jan. 10 vs. the Lakers

— Feb. 5 vs. Miami, which will be the Heat’s only matchup with the Clippers in L.A.

— Feb. 23 @ Oklahoma City

— March 6 vs. the Lakers

— April 6 vs. the Lakers

The Lakers’ rebuilding season will feature its share of highlights, including Kobe Bryant’s eventual return. Other big games include:

— Nov. 1 vs. San Antonio, who swept them in the first round in April

— Nov. 7 at Houston, their reunion with Howard

— Dec. 13 at Oklahoma City, one of the biggest early matchups of the season

— Dec. 25 vs. Miami

— Jan. 10 vs. the Clippers

— Jan. 14 vs. Cleveland, which will be Andrew Bynum’s return to Los Angeles

— Jan. 26 at New York, where Mike D’Antoni will be reunited with the few remaining members of his former team

— Feb. 19 vs. Houston, Howard’s return to his former home court

— March 6 vs. the Clippers

— April 6 vs. the Clippers

The Clippers conclude their regular season on April 16 in Portland, while the Lakers wrap up in San Antonio that same night.