Oklahoma State paid Peyton Manning a lot of money to speak for one hour

Oklahoma State paid Peyton Manning $105,000 this week to speak for an hour.  

Bill McCay/WireImage

It’s good to be Peyton Manning.


Because Oklahoma State University paid him a whopping amount of money this week to speak for an hour in front of over 4,200 people inside the school’s basketball arena.

How much money, you ask? A cool $105,000.

Not too shabby.

The Broncos QB spoke for 30 minutes and then did a Q&A for 30 minutes. What kind of wisdom did he pass on? Pretty much what your annoying friends post on their Facebook wall.

Here’s a sampling, via the Tulsa World:

"This is your world," Manning said. "Own it."

"I challenge each of you in this arena tonight to invest your time to become a game-changer," Manning said. "A gamer-changer looks deeper and senses something others don’t and then acts on it."

"You either get better or worse every day," Manning recalled one of his college coaches telling him. "You don’t stay the same."

Some people, however, questioned the school’s decision to spend so much money on Manning, the Tulsa World continued:


OSU’s Speakers Board paid Manning $105,000 for his time. There was debate on campus as to whether Manning was worth the price tag to bring him to Stillwater. Chairman Patrick Alland the money was well spent and he would do it again.