NFL coaches and quarterbacks who get the most face time during a game

This will hardly come as a surprise, but networks that air the NFL love to show you Jim Harbaugh and Peyton Manning.

The Wall Street Journal did a study in which they watched two full games from all 32 teams this season and kept track of how many times the broadcast aired a shot of each coach and quarterback.

Harbaugh narrowly edged out Patriots coach Bill Belichick, with an average of 45.5 shots per game to 44.5. The only other coach to top 40 shots per game was the Eagles’ Chip Kelly.

As for the signal-callers, Manning (31) topped Tom Brady (29.5) and Vikings rookie Teddy Bridgewater (22.5).

Whom do the networks have no interest in showing you? Packers coach Mike McCarthy finished in last place with 13.5 shots per game, while Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon is shown just 5.5 times per game.

Check the full lists here.