Lululemon infuriates Buffalonians with ‘Wide Right, No Goal’ mosaic

In one of the most comically tone-deaf marketing efforts you will ever see, high-end yoga clothesmaker Lululemon built a mosaic into the floor of its new Buffalo store with the phrases "Wide Right" and "No Goal" — referencing two of the most devastatingly painful moments in the city’s sports history. The company’s rationale for the mosaic further cements the sheer lunacy of it.  

Just in case: the first phrase references the call on Scott Norwood’s missed 47-yard field-goal that would have lifted the Bills to a victory in Super Bowl XXV over the New York Giants. The Bills went on to lose three more Super Bowls in a row. The second phrase notes the controversial triple overtime goal scored against the Sabres in a decisive loss in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals.

To put it mildly, some Buffalonians are displeased with Lululemon’s artistic vision for the store, which opened in the city in May:

I am a Giants fan and one of my closest friends is a die-hard Bills fan. To this day, I won’t utter the first phrase to him because it hurts so much. Like Sheryl Crow says — the first cut is the deepest.

Although the Bills suffered a disappointing home loss the the Patriots this past Sunday, sports morale in the city is pretty high owing to the recent sale of the team to Terry Pegula, also the Sabres’ owner, who has promised to keep the team in Buffalo.

H/T Deadspin]