WATCH: The force of a single Amir Khan punch knocks out eight candles

Amir Khan (left) throws a right at Luis Collazo during their welterweight bout on May 3.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s challenging to make a man’s victory against candles (even eight!) sound like a feat but after watching this video you ought to come away impressed. Behold, below, footage from British boxer Amir Khan’s photo shoot with RDX Sports in which Khan (29-3 as a pro) throws a jab at eight candles lined in a row to show off his speed.

Spoiler: He gets them all. In a few undercards, Khan battles just one candle and three candles. Skip to the 1:44 mark if you want only the main event. Amir Khan birthday parties must be fun. 

[H/T Fansided]