Adam Dunn’s locker gets the red carpet treatment post-Oscars

Dunn gone Hollywood. 

Brian D. Kersey

Adam Dunn found his locker had gone Hollywood when the White Sox DH returned to practice after attending the Academy Awards. 

Dunn was an investor in the production company that made the Oscar-nominated "Dallas Buyers Club" and took time off from spring training to attend the event. And it was a good thing, too: "Dallas" collected three statuettes (for Best Actor Matthew McConaughey, Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto, and Best Makeup) at the Awards on Sunday. 

The slugger, for his part, remained cool about the glitzy affair. "I want to say the buildup (was the best part)," Dunn told "It’s cool to see people you’ve never met and see them all the time."

He even made it out to some afterparties. Though "I wouldn’t call them parties," Dunn said with a wink. "I know what a party is, and those aren’t parties. … Those are more social gatherings."

But the red-carpet treatment did not end Sunday. Dunn returned to practice to find his locker had also gone Hollywood, decked out with (cardboard) Oscar statues and exclusive velvet rope: 

The DH seemed to prefer this Hollywood treatment to the real thing. "This one is way cooler, way less stressful," Dunn told 

Check out the full interview below: