Johnny Football returning to A&M campus

Fear not, those worried that Johnny Manziel was not getting the full college experience.

After coming under heavy fire when he revealed last week at the Davey O’Brien Awards Ceremony in Fort Worth that he was taking all of his classes this semester at Texas A&M via online courses, Manziel will be returning to campus in the fall for a full slate of classes.

A source close to Manziel told that, due to his major, the Heisman Trophy winner will take most or all of his classes on campus in the fall because of the way his major is set up.

Manziel choose to go the online courses route this spring because of all the attention he garnered after winning the Heisman Trophy and taking Texas A&M on an impressive run that saw them upset Alabama and defeat Oklahoma in the AT&T Cotton Bowl on FOX.

Last week, Manziel said he had a physical class this semester, but transferred to an online course after the first day in class.

“It was a class of 20-25. I didn’t think anything of it,” Manziel said. “It kind of turned into a little more of a big deal than I thought.”

The internet buzzed after Manziel talked about the way he was taking classes, but the Aggie quarterback knew he was doing nothing wrong by taking the online courses.

“Everything I do now, it’s such an ‘illegal benefit’ or something like that,” Manziel joked. “I feel like by now if I was doing something wrong compliance [A&M’s compliance office] would have definitely figured something out.”