Daly says NHL ‘done with making proposals’

The two-month anniversary of the NHL lockout passed without any talks between the league and the NHL Players’ Assn.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly painted a grim picture when asked by The Times where matters stand and what the next step will be.

“I think the process is stalled right now. We are done with making proposals and we don’t have any new ideas,” he said Thursday via email.

“I guess we will wait to see if the PA has anything to offer that would get us interested in returning to the table. It’s unfortunate.”

I’ve asked the NHLPA for its take on things and will provide an update if it offers one.

The league locked out players on Sept. 15 and the two sides have negotiated only sporadically since then. The NHL has canceled games through Nov. 30 as well as the Jan. 1 Winter Classic outdoor game.

Early December games appear to be next on the chopping block. Based on the NHL’s mid-October offer, which said a seven-day training camp would be required before the season could begin, a new collective bargaining agreement would have to be reached by late next week for the season to begin on Dec. 1. Daly last week estimated the amount of lost revenues at $730 million.

Another block of cancellations wouldn’t necessarily mean the entire season will be wiped out. During the 2004-05 lockout—and it’s absurd, but in covering hockey it’s essential to specify which of the three lockouts you’re talking about–NHL executives waited until mid-February to cancel the entire season.

-Helene Elliott