Heat podcast: Ira Winderman on what lies ahead for Dwyane Wade's contract situation

Published May. 30, 2015 1:00 p.m. ET

Sun Sentinel writer Ira Winderman joins host Surya Fernandez for a new episode of the FOX Sports Florida Miami Heat podcast to discuss the latest news regarding Dwyane Wade and his efforts to secure a new contract with the Miami Heat. With the news that both parties are far apart in terms of salary, what does Wade gain from having the news go public and where do they go from here? Join us as we discuss each scenario and the future for Wade and the Heat.

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:30 -- What exactly is going on between Wade and the Heat now?

2:00 -- Why did Wade's agent Henry Thomas speak out to the media about the situation? What does Wade gain from this at this early point in the negotiations?

3:15 -- What does Wade want and what does Heat team president Pat Riley want? What would be a good compromise that is fair for both parties?

5:15 -- Given Wade's injury history, does it make sense for the Heat to commit more money and more years to him?

7:00 -- Is there any possibility that Wade opts in with his current contract and get a new contract next year?


9:00 -- What is the Over-36 rule from the NBA's collective bargaining agreement and how does it affect Wade's next contract?

10:45 -- Is there too much money tied up to older players and how will the Heat be able to fit in a new contract for Hassan Whiteside next year without his Bird Rights?

12:45 -- Will this affect Goran Dragic's contract negotiations and is it better for the Heat to take care of Wade first before turning their attention to his backcourt partner?

14:15 -- What is the Heat's situation with the luxury tax if they do re-sign Wade, Dragic and Luol Deng and how does the repeater tax fit into this in the long run?

15:30 -- Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan have taken less money to help their teams out but there's also the lucrative contract extension the Los Angeles Lakers gave to Kobe Bryant in 2013. Do you see either of those type of scenarios playing out for the Heat?

17:00 -- Why did Wade sign a two-year contract in 2014 with a player option for the final year if he eventually wanted more long-term security?

18:00 -- Does this affect the Heat's plans for the upcoming NBA draft or not?

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