Baby-faced Stephen Curry had beer order rejected at Bay Area restaurant

BY Brett Smiley • August 14, 2014

Sweet-shooting Warriors guard Stephen Curry is just like every other youngish-looking man in a restaurant ... if the server is oblivious to basketball.

In an interview with Dime Mag, 26-year-old Curry revealed that a waitress recently ID'd him when he ordered a beer. He had left his ID in the car, so the waitress, who had no clue that he was a local of-age professional basketball player, denied him. Curry said:

It happened at California Pizza Kitchen in the Bay Area like 15 minutes from my house. We went, I tried to get a drink after the season, that’s exactly what happened. Me and my wife went to dinner, and we didn’t have our daughter with us, and she was with the babysitter. So I ordered a beer, and I didn’t have my ID with me, ‘cause I left it in the car and I thought she’d recognize me. So the waitress asks, and I was like, ‘uh, is your manager here,’ and I took my chances with him knowing who I was, and…he knew. But she basically — yeah — she wouldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt, knowing that I didn’t look like I was over 21 and not knowing who I was.

Curry didn't cry foul (pun intended) over the rejection and added that he didn’t think the waitress followed basketball at all. 

Ultimately, though, it was a good offensive play by the restaurant chain because the waitress was merely doing her job and the manager made the right call with his assist. 

[Via Dime Mag]

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