The many towel waves of Spurs’ Patty Mills

The guys on the end of an NBA bench, they know they have a specific job during games.

They are there to support, encourage and cheer on the starters . . . often times with the use of a towel.

And for those in the NBA who might need some help in improving those towel-waving skills, San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills is there for you.

Mills posted a video of the various towel-waving techniques he uses during Spurs games.

When Tony Parker is on fire, there’s the “Smoke Alarm,” where he grabs the towel by two corners, pulls apart from each other tightly and waves in an up-and-down motion.

When Manu Ginobili is slicing through the lane, there is the “Zorro,” where he grabs the towel in a clinch by one end and draws a “Z” in the air like the famous Hollywood character did with his sword.

In all, Mills showcases eight signature towel techniques . . . and even throws in two variations of how you should holster your towel when you are not using it to cheer.

For a team that gets a lot of flack for being “by the book” and more concerned with getting the job done then making “Harlem Shake” videos, Mills is a breathe of fresh air in San Antonio, where he is starting to become a social media star with the fans.

But, after Tony Parker’s injury on Friday night, Mills will be expected to help take up some slack with the loss of the Spurs All-Star guard.

If Parker needs any tips though on how to cheer on the team while he recovers, Mills has him covered.