Oklahoma ’embarrassed’ by loss to Baylor

By the end of the game, the Sooner sideline was filled with injured players.

A mess defensively losing Jordan Evans and Aaron Colvin and Julian Wilson. Charles Tapper lost his mind, punched a player, got kicked out and will be out next week, too.

But let’s face it, Thursday really wasn’t on those guys or the rest of the defense.

Baylor scored 41 points – that’s three touchdowns less than its average this season. OU lost this game, not because of what it did defensively. The Sooners lost because their decade-long problem getting first downs in short-yardage situations came back

This game was never close after Baylor scored in the final minute of the first half giving the Bears a 24-5 lead but it was over well before that.

OU couldn’t score inches from the goal line against the Tim Tebow Florida Gators, couldn’t get first downs at all under Landry Jones until they ditched him for Blake Bell and couldn’t get the yards when it counted most Thursday with Bell against Baylor.

Because of it, OU is officially out of the Big 12 race and dangerously close to losing its season. Once promising, unbeaten heading into the Cotton Bowl, the Sooners were surprised by Texas, but Thursday in Waco, Texas, there was no surprise, just a stomping.

41-12 Baylor and you can pinpoint when it all went wrong.

In the second quarter, inside the Baylor 10-yard line, OU failed to score any points, going for it from the 1-yard line on fourth-and-goal. Stuffed.

After a safety got the Sooners to within a point at 3-2, they had a first-and-10 at the Baylor 12. Three plays later, the Sooners got a field goal.

Two possessions deep in Baylor territory equaled three offensive points.

In those two possessions, OU rushed it five times for a total of eight yards. Combine that with two passes for four yards  and it isn’t exactly settling.

Scoring three points on two offensive possessions like that against Kansas is dangerous. That kind of production against Baylor is devastating. It’s so bad it has to shake the coaching staffs’ confidence in the players and it’s so bad it rattles the fans’ confidence in the coaching staff.

“So embarrassed,” running back Brennan Clay said on his Twitter account.

Here’s why: OU ran for 2.6 yards per carry and 87 total yards. Miserable.

So, while the OU defense was better than good (Baylor had 459 yards, more than 300 fewer than the Bears average), holding Baylor without a touchdown in the first quarter for the first time this season, the offense didn’t help out.

The offense had 10 points and 237 yards. So few points, so few yards, it leads you to believe there will be major changes made in the upcoming weeks.

No telling what would have happened if OU took a 7-3 lead or even a 9-3 lead. Maybe it wouldn’t have ultimately mattered and maybe the Sooners still would have gotten run over. Hard to say with a certainty.

But what we can say is the OU offense couldn’t get a yard Thursday when they had to have it. Seems like it’s been that way for awhile.

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