Want to go to the Super Bowl? You better open your wallet

The Super Bowl is turning into an affair that can empty your bank account.

Kirby Lee/Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Post has a way with words, so we’ll let them kick off this story about people looking for a place to lodge in the days surrounding this year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium: "Super Bowl suckers are shelling out thousands of dollars to stay in flea-bag New Jersey motels that are so horrifying hookers won’t sleep there."

The Post reports that all kinds of price inflation is going on around the big game this year, and ticket prices are just the beginning (which, this year, is basically the league scalping itself).

Local accommodations got an extra look from the Post. These places are not only jacking up the rates for those staying around the time of the Super Bowl but are also pretty dubious to start with, at least according to the online comments the Post sifted through to form its story.

There’s the Days Inn in North Bergen, a few miles away from the Super Bowl site. It’s charging $1,300 rather than its usual $125, with its main view the New Jersey Turnpike and its amenities including "cheap furnishing."€ An online review warned about bedbugs. That may be better than the Howard Johnson Express in Clifton, though. Charging $900, up from $94, it’s said to have brown tap water.

The winner in the overpriced gross hotels category, though, has to be the reviewer who was assessing the Holiday Inn Express in North Bergen, which is charging more than $900 for its rooms, up from $127. Mice, moldy bathrooms and dust are among the features given for that place in the Post report.

"Don’t even send your enemies to this hotel," a commenter said.

The Post notes that these hotels may be the best available, as spots in Manhattan are quickly getting snatched up. Maybe the Jets and Giants are heeding that one commenter’s advice, though. In realizing they probably aren’t going to make it to the Super Bowl this year, having the game at their stadium means that, instead, the brown –€” er, red –€” carpet has been rolled out for anyone else who dares enter the state.