Unlike math genius Urschel, Ravens’ Harbaugh expects more two-point conversions

Longer extra points may have Ravens coach John Harbaugh calling for more two-point conversions next season.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh thinks longer extra point this season will lead to more two-point conversions, but he may want to consult with one of his offensive lineman first.

"It is going to encourage more two-point conversion tries," Harbaugh said Thursday per The Baltimore Sun. "There’s no question about it, especially in windy stadiums. Maybe later in the year when it means the most will probably see the most attempts."

That proclamation runs contrary to what Ravens’ resident math genius John Urschel wrote in a column for The Players’ Tribune earlier this week. While Urschel conceded that the math bears out a slight increase in expected points for two-pointers, the increase isn’t nearly enough to be worth the risk for most NFL coaches, most of whom are risk-averse. 

For the record, Harbaugh went for two four times last season, but was successful on just one occasion. He’s 7-for-11 since becoming the Ravens’ head coach in 2008.

Either way, he plans on preparing both sides of the ball for more attempts in 2015. 

"I know one thing, we’re going to spend more time defending two-point conversions and practicing two-point conversions because it’s going to be a bigger part of the game."

h/t: Baltimore Sun