Trevor Siemian gave his teammates Skittles-dispensing coats for Christmas

Trevor Siemian is in his first season as the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback. With that comes several responsibilities – duties that Siemian may not be familiar with. Those include commanding a huddle, being a leader on and off the field and buying your offensive linemen Christmas gifts.

Siemian has done a good job of accomplishing the first two, but his linemen may question his gift-giving ability. This year, he’s giving them parkas. Not just any parkas, though – Skittles-dispensing ones.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty awesome idea. You can never have enough Skittles, and wearing a coat that dispenses them only makes satisfying those a sweet tooth that much easier.

Siemian wonders whether he’ll be able to top this gift, but he may not have to. With Paxton Lynch waiting in the wings and rumors of Tony Romo possibly being traded to Denver this offseason, Siemian could find himself in a backup role once again.