Steelers Game Day Grub: Ultimate Pierogi

The Steelers face a brutal game for their home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

We know you’re hungry for some home cooking so we’re going to give you all we’ve got. You’re not just coming to some ordinary tailgate this Sunday. You’re going to see the Steelers and Bengals pick up right where they left off this January.

Of course the Bengals will be without hated linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who is still serving his suspension for being an overall dirty player who can’t control himself but that doesn’t mean this game will be any less intense.

We’re talking about AFC North action. Even Heinz Field is stepping up their food game this season. They’re bringing in Franco Harris and his Italian Army to sell some tasty sausages and we’re cooking up some tasty Pittsburgh treats that will change the way you feel about football snacks.

Well, they won’t exactly change the way you feel about snacks, it will mostly just make you hungry for them.

Pittsburgh is known for pierogi. They’re basically mashed potato ravioli. They’re all over the place and here you can get them in just about every flavor. I like the loaded baked potato-kind. It’s like having all of the best baked potato toppings shoved into a portable package for your convenience.

Also for your convenience we’ve taken those same pierogis and stepped it up a notch. We didn’t just prepare them as directed on the box. We’re thinking outside of the pierogi box for this game. We’re frying those puppies and covering them in delicious toppings.

Here are the steps to make your own Ultimate Pierogi:

Don’t try to eat all of these by yourself. Invite people over. You’ll feel bad about yourself if you eat more than two of these. They’re that good but they’re also that heavy. We’re kind of hoping that after Sunday’s game Andy Dalton will feel like he ate more than two of these.

We take our pierogi seriously here in Pittsburgh. They race about the ballpark during the baseball games. These pierogis are serious and you should treat them as such.

Enjoy the grub and the games! Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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