Ray Lewis gives fiery speech about Baltimore riots

Ray Lewis delivered an impassioned message about the Baltimore protests.
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

By Steve DelVecchio

Ray Lewis posted a video on social media Tuesday pleading with protestors in Baltimore to stop the violence and destruction.

The tone was the same as the one we have heard from Lewis countless times in football huddles, but the message is much more serious this time around.

[See the video here]

“Baltimore, get off the streets!” Lewis urged. “Kids, go home! Stay home! You don’t have no right to do what you’re doing to this city. Too many hard-working people built this city. … We know the problems. We know there was wrong done. We know we’re not getting the right justice. But rioting in our streets is wrong!”

A lot of people won’t want to hear it from Lewis. This is the same guy who committed obstruction of justice for his involvement in a murder case, so there will be no shortage of people calling him a hypocrite. We felt the same way when he went on and on about the integrity of the NFL a few months back.

“We must change this right now,” Lewis said. “Stop the violence, man. Go home. I’m telling you, go home.”

Like him or not, Lewis is beloved by a lot of people in Baltimore. He may not get respect from people who are bothered by incidents like this, but it’s worth it if he can even get a few people to listen with what’s going on in Baltimore at the moment.

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