Ravens Vs Bengals: The Fantasy Football Preview

The injury riddled Bengals come to Baltimore for a showdown with the Ravens.  Will the Ravens be able to knock the Bengals playoff hopes even farther down? What Fantasy Football players can you count on?

Fantasy Football is coming to crunch time. So is the NFL regular season. If Baltimore has any hope of making the playoffs this season, they need to beat Cincinnati, especially at home.  The Ravens need as much momentum going into these next two weeks in order to have a chance against the likes of the New England Patriots.

The Bengals are a desperate team with a lot of injuries coming into this week.  They have really under achieved this season after having such a successful 2015 campaign.

If the Ravens can show that they can run the ball with some success, protect Joe, and improve the passing game, they will be able to handle the Bengals with ease.  If they get off to another slow start, it might be another bad game for this Ravens team.

Week 12 Cincinnati Bengals to sit vs the Ravens:

Brandon LaFell:  With A.J. Green missing this game against Baltimore, LaFell will be bumped up to the #1 receiver.  Unfortunately for LaFell, his task is to get open against Jimmy Smith.  That won’t be an easy task unless Smith is out again this week.

Andy Dalton:  Andy Dalton seems to always have good games against the Ravens.  His #1 target is out this week so Dalton will have a hard time getting the ball to his receivers.  In the past, he would be able to just chuck the ball up and Green would seem to always catch it and make a big play against the Ravens secondary.

Week 12 Cincinnati  Bengals to start vs the Ravens:

Tyler Eifert:  Tight Ends seem to always have good games against the Ravens defense.  Eifert is just a big target that he won’t be able to be stopped.  If Jason Witten can catch five balls, I know that Eifert can catch at least seven.

Jeremy Hill:  With Giovani Bernard out for the rest of the season, Hill will get the full load on Sunday.  He’s a speedy back that get past the linebackers.  The Bengals always have had a good offensive line and that doesn’t bode well for the Ravens defense.

Week 12 Baltimore Ravens to sit vs the Bengals:

Steve Smith Sr:  Stopping Steve Smith will be the Bengals #1 priority on Sunday.  Adam Jones will likely be on him and that’s a tough match up for both players.  Smith did have 13 receptions and two touchdowns in his only game against the Bengals last season, but he will probably be double teamed this time around.

Dennis Pitta:   Pitta is finally healthy this season, but hasn’t put up the numbers that he’s used to.  He’s primarily been used as an extra blocker which is better than him being injured or hurting his already weak hip.  I don’t expect Pitta to have a good game against a good Bengals defense.

Week 12 Baltimore Ravens to start vs the Bengals:

Kenneth Dixon:  This is the game that Dixon breaks out.  The Bengals have a stout defense but I know that Dixon will be able to run all over them with his moves and get over 100 yards on ground and a touchdown.

Mike Wallace:  With Steve Smith being double-teamed, Wallace will be able to exploit the Bengals secondary.  His size and speed will open up lanes and give Aiken and Perriman time to get the ball as well.

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