Partly cloudy skies await Miami Dolphins in week 17

In case you didn’t know it, no I’m not a fiddle player too, the Miami Dolphins are going to the post-season next weekend. Today however they face the New England Patriots.

If you didn’t get the little joke in the first line then I am really showing my age. Some believe that the Dolphins should rest some players like Jay Ajayi who was a little banged up last week but earlier this week Adam Gase said that winning is the full intention for today’s game.

Miami sits in the 6th seed this weekend but it’s not a lock. With a win today and a Kansas City loss the Dolphins could move into the 5th seed. The difference would be a trip to Houston vs. a trip to Pittsburgh. First, for the Dolphins, it’s New England.

The Patriots can lock up home field advantage today with a win but like the previous two seasons, the Dolphins have beaten New England in Miami preventing that from happening.

Today a mostly cloudy sky will greet the Dolphins as they take the field and 80 degree temperatures will greet the Patriots as the NFL 2016 regular season kicks-off. Both teams have denied a desire to sit players.

Winds will be out of the Southeast around 15 mph with a possibility of late afternoon/early evening rain. Which of course will not present a problem for the 1:00 kick-off today.

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