Times writer gets Martin’s hate tweets

The Jonathan Martin bullying story has been sad, confusing, polarizing and fascinating for sports fans and non-fans alike, who haven’t been able to get enough of it — unless they also happen to be named Jonathan Martin, and are on Twitter.

That’s the story of New York Times political writer Jonathan Martin, who has been the target of abuse on Twitter from people confusing him for the 6-foot-5, 312-pound Miami Dolphins lineman.

Unlike the player, the writer has taken the abuse in stride and even retweeted some of the messages:




The Times’ Martin writes that he sat on the bench for one year of Division III football, topped out at 200 pounds and that the worst hazing he endured on his high school team "was mild — just the occasional dead fish left in our shoulder pads."

He’s mostly amused at the mix-up, especially considering his Twitter avatar is a picture of Lyndon B. Johnson’s two beagles — which really brought him some heat.



The Times’ Martin writes that he got a message from a guy who can relate, and presumably has had it much worse.

“I have walked where fate has now taken you,” wrote @GerrySandusky, a Baltimore sportscaster who’s been confused with the former Penn State coach in prison for molesting boys.

In conclusion the writer admitted he hasn’t reached out to the player, but if you want to do so, the Dolphin’s Twitter account is @J_Martin71, and one of his last tweets is so smart, it easily could have been authored by a Times writer.



So leave Jonathan Martin alone to get his life together, and leave Jonathan Martin alone to write his columns. If you have to tweet nasty things at him, at least do it over his position on Obamacare or something.