Joe Buck is providing play-by-play on everyday activities and it’s absolutely epic

Quarantine Day 1 million: We’re starting to feel it.

The lack of sports is cutting us all deep – including legendary sportscaster Joe Buck.

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But, luckily, Mr. Buck has a solution to his and our heartbreak.

‘Quarantine Calls’ is off and running … All. Week. Long. And we’re not slowing down any time soon. Keep checking back as we keep adding calls. Here we go!

Day 1

It might have been National Puppy Day on Monday, but we’re always here for dog content. Joe gave us an epic call on Mina Kimes’ dog Lenny (or is it “Scraps”? The jury’s still out) playing fetch with a half-eaten football. The slow-mo is absolutely majestic.

Next, this young guy would not give up. The Brady jersey is certainly fitting here, if a little bit of a retro look these days, especially against what looks like a brotherly competitor clad in Russell Wilson gear. Sorry for the reminder, Seahawks fans.

For the most part, family is always on your side – for the most part. Then again, there’s Chicago media personality Adam Hoge, who taught his son the hard way that there are no easy buckets. Come on, dad! That’s clearly goaltending.

It’s always a good time to up your darts game.

Plus, you’ve got to admire the angle on this one.

And now, it’s Joe Buck with too much sauce! Those wings look delicious … and they really make us want football back. Dang it, Andrew!

We’re not sure what’s better on this one: the epic trick shot or Buck’s commentary. Off the backboard, nothing but (the bottom of the) cup.

Last but not least, this is the one you’ve all been waiting for. The one that’s for all the marbles, if you will. The “sports” video that took the internet by storm last week just leveled up, courtesy of Joe Buck.

Day 2

We might all be quarantined, but the stay at home life isn’t bad for everyone. While some parents might be trying to keep their kids entertained with all this newfound free time, it looks like it’s the other way around for Dad David Freitas.

Joe Buck loves dog content just as much as the rest of us. In this epic stick battle, did we really think that anyone could beat Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman. I mean, that good boy is just superhuman.

You heard it here first: This little guy will be tearing up the green by 2030. Even though he brings to the table an unusual form, he’s putting the ball where it needs to be.

In such a difficult time, Joe Buck reminds us of the importance of family. In this case, while Jon can’t enjoy his retirement with his entire family, he’s happy to have his grandson by his side, while they enjoy being outside.

Retirement looks good on you already, Jon.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll never get tired of hearing Joe Buck say, “Booyah.”

But on this day, Booyah wasn’t leaving anything up to chance, because he’s clearly no fan of the water like his good pal Chance.

This round of “chase me and I’ll chase you back” goes to the golden retriever. Better luck next time, Booyah.

Day 3

Talk about a setup! This indoor tennis court is next level.

You know what else is next level? The Hackney family’s tennis skills. And coupled with Joe Buck’s play-by-play skills, we’ve got a grand slam on our hands.

Joe Buck warns us not to try this one at home.

But seriously, don’t try it, because the grocery store line is out of the door and this is just a waste of precious Oreos, which Isaac’s wife is aware of apparently. Still, it was fun to see Isaac try to accomplish his goal.

Who would’ve thought that air traffic controllers get a great workout in while guiding planes? But really, it makes a lot of sense.

On top of that, they are doing great work – especially in such a difficult time. Joe Bucks appreciates them and all of their effort.

Day 4

MLB Opening Day was supposed to take place on Thursday, and while we’ll have to wait a little longer to enjoy America’s favorite pastime on the major league level, we can still get a taste of it on the small scale – really small.

Check out this near in-the-park home run from the speedy Walker Sumerel.

Looks like we’ve got some more canine action on our hands. Dabo – effectively named after Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney – is a creature of habit, just like his human namesake.

The dog version takes the same path, over and over, and the human version just wins over and over.

Football is often regarded as the most physical game in America, but with the way the Santom family approaches the game of basketball, we might need to rethink that notion.

Have you ever seen a more aggressive game of living room 2-on-2?

And finally – FINALLY – the content we’ve been waiting for: majestical chickens enjoying their afternoon on what looks to be a homemade seesaw!

Day 8

This has got to be one of the most valuable football strips of all time. Toilet paper is the hottest commodity on the market these days, and Joe Buck’s colleague Chris Spielman is not about to let his wife run off with the last roll.

When it comes to paper goods, not even your family is your friend. You earned it Chris – go hoard that toilet paper!

With such a crazy amount of free time on our hands, the possibilities are endless. But for some, it can be a bit overwhelming. In those moments, remember to take a second and breathe.

Or really, take as many seconds as you need, because what else do you have to do right now?

Let’s be honest, most people don’t like creepy crawlers – especially in the house. So it’s always best to learn at an early age how to get rid of them.

This young man will become a big man, starting today, taking out one spider at a time.

Spiderman, you’ve got a challenger.

Going bald can be embarrassing, but don’t worry, Joe Buck partners with PGA tour and former No. 1 golfer Justin Thomas to give tips and tricks to make even the thinest of locks look luscious.

Day 9

You know that one saying about Vegas? Well, not everything stays in Vegas – especially if it’s an injury.

Oh man – this video hurts more and more every time we watch it. Apparently, she walked it off no problem, but that’s a night she surely won’t forget.

And on this one, Buck even brings in a special guest: his wife, Michelle.

As the days pass, things are starting to get wilder and wilder. And while we know some of you missed spring break, let’s try to keep it PG.

Mike Pereira and his wife are engaged in some intense games at the kitchen table, and before you know it, clothes are flying everywhere.

Hey, at least they’re staying home.

If we had a scorecard we’d give this stunt a 10 out of 10!

Not just one, but two flips – and can we just admire how great his hair looks as he flies through the air? Let’s add on a few style points for that, too.

When the NBA resumes – or maybe the NFL – this kid might have a shot. He’s got a cannon and it’s accurate.

We might have just gotten a glimpse at the next big star.

This young man must have been a hit in college because his beer pong skills are off the charts.

Don’t worry about his butterfingers on his end of the table – he performs when it matters most, sinking every shot.

If you ever need a partner, find this guy.

These twins have the attitude we all need right now – giggling, laughing, smiling and just having a good time.

If you’re not feeling the happiest, we understand, but watching those two play with a beach ball double the size of their heads might just be exactly what you need today.

While this quarantine is providing us with some much-needed family time, just remember — if that bonding turns to disagreement, a little exaggeration can go a long way:

We’re patiently waiting for more, Mr. Buck.

And let us not forget, the best part about the legendary sportscaster spending his free time giving color to your home videos is that it’s all for a good cause.

Buck joined Colin Cowherd on Monday to discuss his ‘Quarantine Calls’ and more.

Stay tuned for more Joe Buck gems.