Jets will continue to fail until culture is fixed

The New York Jets will continue to fail as a franchise until they fix their overall identity and culture.

The New York Jets are currently 3-5 and are on the outside looking in. It’s not hard to see why this team is so abysmal in the grand scheme of things. They are delusional to stick with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick considering he leads the NFL in interceptions at 13. The Jets know they can win football games by running the football but prefer to pass more with a struggling quarterback. One of which can’t score touchdowns but sure loves to give opponents easy picks.

The overall coaching of the Jets leaves much to the imagination as all aspects of the team is embarrassing. There is no accountability whatsoever when it comes to the Jets as they even had to bench both Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson for the first quarter of last week’s game due to tardiness.

The above video made by FanSided earlier this week is easily 100 percent true and straight to the point. Yes, players that get paid millions of dollars to simply play professional football can’t even make it on time or even at all during important meetings during the regular season. It’s so bad, even Fitzpatrick and his partner in crime wide receiver Brandon Marshall got into a heated argument last week on the sideline.

At the end of it all, 2016 will forever go down as one of the worst seasons in franchise history. It’s sad, to say the least considering how good this team was last season. The truth of the matter is, they had a vanilla schedule in 2015 and overpaid for Fitzpatrick who had the nerve to want even more money in his new contract. The Jets should have stuck to starting one of their younger quarterbacks and invested that money in their defensive secondary.

Fans are growing restless with this organization as it’s hard to sit back and actually enjoy watching this team play football. Many are anxious for this season to be over already since the mantra of “same old Jets” is back again in full swing. The Jets must end the nonsense and use this season as a measuring stick for the future. They can’t allow such bonehead decisions or veteran players to run the locker room. Strict accountability from the coaches must be the norm and well, better football decisions must be made instead of having false hope things will turn around overnight.

Overall, when this season is all said and done, everyone will look back and realize just how bad the overall culture of this is. It’s to the point where the Jets might have to reevaluate everyone from the top down, including the coaching staff. If they can foster a culture of hard work, integrity, and headed towards a youth movement across the team, the future should be much brighter than anything we’ve seen in 2016.

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