Jay Cutler Pleased Donald Trump Won Presidential Election

Jay Cutler met with the media today and said he was very pleased with Donald Trump’s victory.

Never in recent history has there been an election so polarizing as the 2016 Presidential Race. Whether you are on the winning side with Donald Trump or the losing side with Hillary Clinton, each of the candidate’s supporters are still fervently backing their individual.

With both sides being so vocal, it’s no surprise that several professional athletes have voiced their opinion on the outcome of the election. Most of the athletes that have responded (mostly affiliated with the NBA) have been very anti-Trump. They have voiced concern over his platforms and their fear for where they feel the country is now headed.

With anti-Trump sentiment being so prevalent throughout professional sports, the Donald Trump support has been almost nil. Jake Arrieta came out pro-Trump in an anti-Hollywood tweet about their support for Hillary Clinton and their threats to leave the country.

Now, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has voiced his opinion about the outcome of the election.

Cutler’s opinion is definitely in the minority among professional athletes. His locker room is most likely very pro-Hillary and it’s curious to see if his support for Trump could lead to some kind of divide in the locker room.

While that may seem far-fetched, being how strongly people feel about the outcome of this election, it certainly isn’t impossible. The city of Chicago is very pro-Democrat, and Cutler’s relationship with the fans is always tenuous, so we will see how fans handle this latest development in the Cutler roller coaster.

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