Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings: Preview, TV Coverage and Streams

The Jacksonville Jaguars have only a few more chances to treat the home fans to a win in 2016, including a game today against the Minnesota Vikings.

Here we go again.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are back at Everbank Field this week, ready to face a home crown that quite frankly is over it. The Jaguars haven’t put up a decent performance in Jacksonville since week 1 and it doesn’t appear they will actually win a game in Florida this year.

Their best chance might be today, as they play host to the Minnesota Vikings. That’s not to say the Vikings are a bad team, but the struggles they’ve had on offense give the Jaguars a chance in this game. After a hot start, the Vikings have struggled and are fighting to stay in the playoff race. Their desperation combined with Jacksonville complete incompetence makes it a longshot for this contest to end in a Jags win.

There are a lot of factors that could affect the outcome of this game, but it really starts and ends with Blake Bortles. The third year quarterback has regressed more than any other signal caller in NFL history over the course of a year and he’s held back a fairly talented squad from being relevant.

Here’s the where, when, and how of today’s game:

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings

Sunday, December 11 1:00 PM E.T. at Everbank Field, Jacksonville, FL

Check out if you’re able to watch the game

on this TV Map – http://506sports.com/

TV Station: FOX

Commentators: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston

Watch Online: NFL Sunday Ticket

Radio: 1010XL/92.5FM (listen online)

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