Giants vs. Saints: The Madden 17 simulator says…

EA Sports Madden 17 predicts this Sunday’s Giants vs. Saints match-up at MetLife Stadium.

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Starting with the Giants vs. Saints in Week 2 and continuing through the 2016 NFL season, GMen HQ will use Madden 17 to simulate Big Blue’s weekly match-up ahead of the game. We’ll simulate each game 10 times and give you the results, assessing the quarterback comparison and the Giants’ defense.

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We lead off this week with the New Orleans Saints, a perennial thorn in the Giants’ side. The teams don’t meet often (four times in 7 seasons), but when they do, Drew Brees has a field day. Brees has averaged 400 yards and 4 TDs on a 70 percent completion percentage in those four contests.

The Giants’ have upgraded their defense from a year ago, but they know what they’re facing. In a post on, the team’s official website, one of those upgrades, Janoris “Jackrabbit” Jenkins talked about the challenge Brees presents this weekend.

“Preparing for a rookie is easy because they have a limited playbook. With Drew Brees, he has an open playbook. To changing all the routes and switching plays, and seeing matchups he doesn’t like, and attacking.”

– Janoris Jenkins

Will Brees once again shred the Giants secondary? We turn to the simulator, and the results may not be what you thought.

Final Results: NYG wins 7/10

New YorkGiants


New OrleansSaints


Sim Offense

Eli Manning, yds/TD-INT/completion %- 252.9/1.6-.6/74.2% 

Drew Brees, yds/TD-INT/completion %-  230.0/1.2-.9/59.4%

Sim Defense

TOT yds allowed- 321.1

Passing- 230.0

Rushing- 91.1

Turnovers- 1.3

Sacks- 1.1

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