Tebow talk getting under Fox’s skin

After just two weeks with Tim Tebow under center, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox appears to be growing frustrated with the constant scrutiny surrounding the team’s quarterback.

Some have questioned whether Fox and team president John Elway are committed to Tebow being the team’s quarterback of the future, since neither were with the Broncos when Tebow was drafted 25th overall in 2010.

"As a coach or decision-maker in an NFL building, you don’t care what round they’re drafted in, you don’t care who drafted them," Fox told the Los Angeles Times. "You don’t care if they’re short, fat, whatever. You just care: Can they play? So all that other stuff is poppycock."

Fox also dismissed the notion that the team’s offense is not being geared enough toward the former Heisman Trophy winner’s strength as a runner.

"The problem is, there’s so much misinformation. For people that study it, you’d see that we’ve probably had more shotgun or spread offense than anybody in the league over the last two weeks," said Fox. "The goofy thing is, it’s almost like if he doesn’t have success it will be anybody’s fault but his. It’s almost that kind of polarizing thing."

Fox, in his first year as Broncos coach, will stick with Tebow this Sunday in Oakland despite last week’s 45-10 home thrashing at the hands of the Detroit Lions.

After the loss, Fox said Tebow would have to improve in the passing game, but said the loss was not solely due to quarterback play. Earlier this week, Fox said he would not rule out Brady Quinn, who began the season behind previous starter Kyle Orton and Tebow on the depth chart, making a start at some point.

"Right now we’re in the process of finding who the quarterback is. And I’ll leave it at that," Fox said.

Tebow completed just 18 of his 39 passes for 172 yards, and the Broncos were a paltry 2-for-14 on third downs against Detroit. Denver’s only touchdown came with just minutes remaining and the score at 45-3.

A week earlier, Tebow led a comeback from 15 points down in the final minutes at Miami, as the Broncos went on to an 18-15 overtime win. Tebow has only completed 46.1 percent of his passes this season, and critics continue to question whether he can be an effective NFL passer.

The 24-year-old has quickly become one of the most polarizing players the NFL has ever seen, with the critics questioning his ability pitted against legions of devoted fans won over by his four successful years at Florida and his devout Christian faith.