Cop testifies in Chris Simms marijuana case

Unemployed quarterback Chris Simms was so high on marijuana when

he was busted in New York City this summer, a police officer said

his tongue went numb off the weed’s aroma, according to

testimony Thursday.

In a Manhattan court Thursday, NFL free agent Simms pleaded not

guilty to charges he drove his car while high on marijuana.

Simms, the son of former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms,

was stopped at a Manhattan DWI checkpoint in July. Police say the

quarterback slurred his speech and told them he had been smoking


Arresting officer, Francisco Acosta, said he smelled an

extremely strong marijuana odor coming from Simms’ 2009


‘‘My tongue got numb,” Acosta testified in regard to

the powerful nature of the smell.

The Manhattan DA says it has evidence that includes arresting

officers’ claims that Simms refused to take breath, blood and

coordination tests and made self-incriminating statements.

“I was smoking marijuana in the car earlier. I took four puffs,”

Simms told cops when he was pulled over, according to court papers

made public in August by the DA’s office.

Simms’ driver’s license has already been automatically revoked,

pending the outcome of the case, because of his refusal to submit

to a urine test.

The 29-year-old has struggled to find a roster spot after being

let go by the Tennessee Titans prior to the start of the 2010


Simms, a 2003 third-round pick out of Texas, has played in just

23 games in five NFL seasons compiling a meager 69.1 passer