Washington Wizards’ Otto Porter Snubbed From NBA 3-Point Shootout

Washington Wizards forward Otto Porter has become one of the NBA’s best 3-point shooters, yet he didn’t get an invitation to the 3-point shootout.

NBA All-Star Weekend has been designed to showcase the talents of the best basketball players in the world.

The 3-point shootout, which is the second most popular event during the weekend, features players that have perfected the shot from deep. It’s met with a ton of fanfare, as celebrities usually lurk on the sidelines cheering for their favorite players.

Washington Wizards forward Otto Porter is leading the league in 3-point percentage, knocking down 46.3 percent of his total attempts behind the line. Again – the 3-point shootout exists to display the talents of those who can consistently hit shots from three.

Yet, for some explainable reason, Porter will not be participating in this year’s 3-point contest.

This year’s 3-point shootout will highlight Klay Thompson (the defending champion), Kyrie Irving (who won the contest in 2013), Kyle Lowry, Kemba Walker, Eric Gordon, Wesley Matthews, C.J. McCollum and Nick Young.

Stephen Curry, the unequivocal best shooter to ever grace the hardwood, has opted not to participate in this year’s contest.

Porter, at least statistically, is a better 3-point shooter than anyone who received an invitation to the contest this season.

While the shootout is more for pageantry than it is for real competition, it’s clear that the only reason Porter didn’t get an invitation is because people – the league included – just aren’t familiar enough with him yet.

For most of his career, Porter rode the pine under former head coach Randy Wittman.

Unlike Thompson, Gordon or McCollum, Porter wasn’t known for his 3-point shooting prior to this season.

He worked to develop his jump shot, knowing that would be his meal ticket to a max contract.

John Wall has consistently gotten the most out of his wing players.

The likes of Martell Webster, Trevor Ariza and Rasual Butler (who Porter all played behind) all led the league in 3-point percentage next to Wall.

Porter took notes, developed his jump shot and has become nearly automatic from deep.

If the Washington Wizards were playing on national television on a regular basis, Porter would’ve gotten the nod. But since the team is largely unknown and Porter continues to fly under the radar, he’ll continue to be the franchise’s secret.

Wall, who creates almost all of Porter’s looks from three, was surprised not to see his teammate get an invitation to the contest.

“It’s shocking to me. Otto’s shooting the best percentage in the NBA right now. It would be great to have him in there,” Wall said. “Brad has been in before, the last time it was in New Orleans. It’s kind of shocking that neither one of them are there.”

The All-Star selections and the entire weekend has become more of a popularity contest, with undeserving players getting more votes than those who are performing at an elite level. It’s not surprising that someone like Porter, who’s more substance than flash, didn’t get any love from the NBA.

Ultimately, though, none of this matters. As long as Porter continues to hit shots during the regular season and the NBA Playoffs, he’ll eventually get the recognition he deserves.

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