Day-to-Day NBA Podcast: How good can the Jazz get?

We look at how far the Utah Jazz can go this season and whether Gordon Hayward was the right Jazz player chosen for the All-Star Game in the latest episode of The Step Back’s Day-to-Day NBA Podcast, hosted by Jason Mann.

All That Amar, editor of SLC Dunk, joins the show to talk about how the Jazz has finally caught up with expectations despite dealing with injuries, Hayward’s excellent season and embracing a go-to role, Rudy Gobert’s penchant for using snubs as motivation and his case for the All-Star Game, Derrick Favors’ disappointing season and reduced role on the team, George Hill bringing savvy point-guard play to a mostly young team, Joe Johnson and Boris Diaw finally being on the same team, Rodney Hood stalling and Joe Ingles’ corny sense of humor.

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We also look at whether the Jazz should make any moves at the trade deadline and how dangerous they could be as a playoff team, especially if Favors gets healthy.

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