Alabama Football: 75 Days Until A-Day Countdown with #75 Barrett Jones

The Alabama Football countdown to A-Day continues with big number 75 Barrett Jones who pushed around hundreds of opponents and one Alabama quarterback.

Barrett Jones wore number 75 on the Offensive Line of Alabama Football from 2008-2012. In his time with the Tide he won 2 SEC Championships, 3 national championships, 2 first team All SEC honors, 2 consensus All American honors, the Outland Trophy and All American Academic honors.

He pushed around thousands of pounds of opponents hundreds of times but it was that one shove one time against Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron that people remember the most.

It came during the second half of the 2013 BCS national championship game against Notre Dame.

AJ McCarron isn’t a small guy but you wouldn’t know it the way he flies backwards from the little love tap given by big Barrett Jones. Did you see the score? 42-14 and these guys are both fighting to get the right play call off and frustrated about not being perfect. That’s the process at work ladies and gentlemen.

Do you remember that $30,000 crystal ball national championship trophy that shattered in 2012? It was insured and replaced and the pieces of the shattered crystal ball were sold to a booster for $100,000 – but they don’t have all of them.

Gary Estwick at got great story from Barrett about it who was there when it happened. Barrett said “So it’s broke everywhere. I’m around the corner. It just happened. I approach the situation and the first thing I do is pick up a few pieces and put them in my pocket. I mean, I had a piece of history right there on the ground! ” according to the report by Gary Estwick at

Alabama Football

I didn’t know that story until I started researching this one and it’s the best Alabama story I never knew. Source: Gary Estwick at

Barrett Jones is an outspoken Christian who believes in giving back and has been honored multiple times for his service at home and abroad.  Barrett Jones was selected 113th overall in the 4th round of the 2013 NFL draft by the St. Louis Rams and played 10 games in his NFL career.

If you tuned into the broadcast on national signing day you could have heard Jones with Eli Gold giving live play by-play on Alabama’s 7th #1 ranked recruiting class in a row. Barrett was one of the best overall players at his position to ever take the field for Alabama Football and one of the best people overall people you’d ever want to meet off of it.

…just don’t argue with him. He probably doesn’t like you as much as AJ.

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