One very obsessive Reddit user recreated every D-I basketball logo with MS Paint

While most college basketball fans were busy watching the NCAA tournament, Reddit user /u/AlekRivard was busy with an art project. 

Every year, after the national title game, the team logos next to each user’s name on the college basketball subreddit fade away—all of them except for the champions logo. This year, they look a little different. Instead of a faded version of the school’s logo, you see a version that was crudely drawn in MS Paint by /u/AlekRivard. He spent what must have been an ungodly amount of time drawing the logos for every single Division-I program—all 351 of them. 

If you really, really want to, you can go through all 351 above—but I already did, so let’s take a look at the five best. 

And, because there were obviously a bunch of duds, here are the five most laughable. 

Shockingly, /u/AlekRivard said he actually enjoyed the massive undertaking.

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