Bulls’ Pau Gasol drops major insult on Chicago deep dish pizza

A deep dish pizza looks fine before it gets attacked with piles of cheese.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Playing in the Windy City hasn’t had any impact on Pau Gasol’s feelings for deep dish pizza.

In a new interview with GQ, the veteran center and foodie shares his feelings on the Chicago staple.

GQ: Have you picked up any guilty pleasures, like fast food or chain restaurants, from all your time traveling around the United States?

Gasol: I used to go to this placed called Houston’s when I played in Memphis and Los Angeles. They had great barbeque ribs. Benihana is cool too. I’d go to those places every now and again, like once a month.

GQ: What about Chicago-style deep dish pizza?

Gasol: I’ve tried it. I’m not a fan of this deep dish pizza. To me, it’s just a cake of melted cheese. I like the thin-crusted pizzas better.

Deep dish pizza wasn’t the only thing Gasol dissed when it came to the world of food. He also doesn’t have much use for Guy Fieri.

GQ: When you’re on the road during the season, are you in the hotel flipping through channels and watching all the food shows on TV?

Gasol: I really love "Chef’s Table" on Netflix, that one is very well done. It’s really nicely produced and you see a personal aspect of the chef and not just the food itself. All the other shows — like the reality shows — I’m not that interested in.

GQ: So you’re not marathoning Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Gasol: No, no. Definitely not.