Aaron Rodgers flashes Shooter McGavin-style double pistols at practice

Aaron Rodgers in the zone at training camp.

Morry Gash/AP

On Monday at Packers training camp, a Wisconsinite spotted quarterback Aaron Rodgers shooting both barrels like Shooter McGavin. 

This has to be a sweet moment for the genius behind the parody account @ShooterMcGavin_, who re-tweeted the image of Rodgers firing with both hands. 

Rodgers confirmed the homage to McGavin of "Happy Gilmore" with the note "Glad they caught that today."

We’re not sure what Rodgers was celebrating with the pistols — maybe a completed slant to Randall Cobb, real estate speculation, or a burn of Friend of Buzzer Tom Crabtree on Twitter. 

Former Packer tight end and free agent Crabtree is currently under seige from at least one horrifying spider. After crying out for some help, Rodgers chimed in.