Tyler Seguin takes tee shot off groin; Alena Shishkova is Fox-y

Stars forward Tyler Seguin hosted a charity golf tournament on Thursday. During the event, he allowed one of the pros to take a tee shot right off his genital region.

When Cavaliers fan Nick Jones got married the day after LeBron James announced he was going back to Cleveland, there was only one thing to do: get his eight groomsmen to pose in various James jerseys for a memorable image.

According to Rangers left-hander Derek Holland, they play flatulence games.

David Letterman sent one of his interns to cover the MLB All-Star Game earlier this week. The young man asked a series of wacky questions and gave Derek Jeter a going-away present.

This isn’t as crazy as having a golfer take a shot off the groin area, but one fan at the American Century Championships on Thursday asked Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk to tackle him, which he did.

If you watch Chris "Mad Dog" Russo on the MLB Network, listen to him on SiriusXM or are a fan of the old WFAN Mike and the Mad Dog show, you will love this compilation of him mispronouncing the names of several baseball players.

We told you in Thursday’s Big Buzz that a Syracuse fan got Jim Boeheim’s face tattooed on his leg. The coach has now shared his thoughts on this development.

A 105-year-old woman is throwing out the first pitch at Sunday’s Padres game.

Model Alena Shishkova gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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