Mark Davis has owned '' for almost 20 years

BY foxsports • February 3, 2016

Mark Davis is the master of the Raiders' domain in more ways than one.

The embattled team owner admitted he registered the "" in 1998 -- when his late father Al contemplated a move there, according to Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

That move suggests Davis has contemplated "Sin City" for some time now. And he's reportedly giving a move some serious thought now that billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson is erecting a 65,000-seat domed stadium in the desert. 

That Davis already owns the team website won't weigh heavily in that decision. Money and new stadium amenities will win the day there.

But its one less hoop Davis would have to jump through than if he were to relocate the Raiders to San Antonio -- because a Fresno man reportedly owns ""